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Oleg Plotnikov is a man of many talents: pianist, arranger, teacher, composer and conducter. By his excellent education in music and enormous experience he masters all styles  in music-from classic till  jazz and pleases the public with his piano playing.

Born in Chelyabinsk (Russia).

Received a higher musical education. Studied playing the violin, piano, theory and history of music, composition, conducting. He wrote music in different genres and styles for various instruments, bands and orchestras, music for performances and television productions. His works and arrangements were awarded prizes at competitions and festivals in different cities of the USSR.

In 1992, he moved to the Netherlands with his family, where he continued his artistic career. As a well-known virtuoso jazz pianist, he gave concerts in various countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

“Timeless” records released a number of CD’s of Oleg Plotnikov.

The combination of active composing with teaching has led to an increase in various works for piano – from pieces for beginners to serious work of the advanced level. The collection “Hommage”, released in 2019, received great recognition.


Oleg Plotnikov Musician and Composer